Chil | Brand ReDesign


Redevelop the existing brand Chil into a new modern approach to help gain more customers among the younger generations.


Step 1: Define - Defining the business, finding out what their values are and how to incorporate them into a new design.
Step 2: Research - Researching similar restaurants in the local area, finding their competitors, and seeing how we can win more customers.
Step 3: Ideate - Brainstorming different ideas, coming to a solid idea prepared for conceptulizations.
Step 4: Design - Finished designed solutions, preparing mockups
Step 5: Presentation - Presenting the finished solution to the client


Illustrator, Photoshop

Photo of CHIL Logo Design
Chil Foodtruck

Food Truck

Chil Street Signage

Logo Signage

Chil Uniform

Employee Uniform