Game of Life X White Oaks Mall | App


To create an application for a user to be able to participate in the new marketing campaign for White Oaks Mall. This app is to be used to play the Game of Life through purchasing items at the mall.


Step 1: Define - Defining the product, finding out what will work for the user.
Step 2: Research - Researching similar apps to find the right flow for the user, whilst finding contrasting colours.
Step 3: Ideate - Brainstorming different ideas, coming to a solid concept prepared for prototyping.
Step 4: Prototype - Building a representation of the solution
Step 5: Presentation - Presenting the finished solution to the client


Adobe XD

Photo of Game of Life x White Oaks Mall App Design
Game of Life X White Oaks Mall Sign Up & Tutorial ScreenGame of Life X White Oaks Mall home & Loading ScreenGame of Life X White Oaks Mall home screen time to spin & Coupon winner screen

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